My face when I read a piece of code I wrote a year ago

React and React Native are great frameworks for developing fast ! But this comes with a price : JavaScript.

JavaScript is a great language. But the fact that it is so permissive gives you the ability to do absolutely what you want in the way you want.

You may think that being free is a positive thing. Sure, it has some benefits but it turns out you may want to impose you some restrictions if you don’t want to completely lose control when your codebase grows.

One of the greatest additions to JavaScript is TypeScript. It forces you to self…


Since I started using React Native in 2016 I always loved how you can prototype and layout an app so quickly with it.

You just use CSS classes like with built in StyleSheets. No dependency, no build time you just code your way and see the result live !

As a React developer I never liked the approach of having a single stylesheet and sharing it across components. For mainly two reasons :

  1. You’ll have to import useless pieces of styles in all of your components just to access one property of your style object.
  2. If you used a same…

Nicolas Meienberger

React Developer based in Switzerland

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